A powerful solution to monitor the condition and safety of assets on sites and projects

Lendlease has expanded its Pegasus system to include an Asset Management module, where selected plant and equipment used on Lendlease Wireless sites must now be registered for use on site.

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We are proud to expand the Lendlease Site Access solution to add our Asset Management product, which forms part of the overall contractor compliance process to improve safety outcomes at Lendlease.

With this expansion, Lendlease Wireless has complete insight into which plant and equipment are being used on site, and most importantly, that they are maintained to the strictest safety standards.

How does it work?

Asset Management works just like the Pegasus company or worker compliance process - Lendlease Wireless contractors access the Asset Management tile right from the system, selecting to add their plant or equipment and providing documents for verification as prompted. This time, instead of inductions and competencies, users upload photos, checklists, service history and manuals.

On verification by Pegasus, a unique ID sticker is issued to place on the equipment for easy scanning and site access.

The plant and equipment that Lendlease Wireless contractors will register includes heavy vehicles, trailers, cranes, generators and water pumps.

Interested in the Pegasus Asset Management product in your solution? Visit our website: pegasus.net.au/services/asset-management

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