Auto-Logoff and Location-Based Emergency Evacuations

Saving time and improving accuracy in the Onsite Mobile App.

mobile emergency mock New improvements to the Onsite Mobile App will save our client's time and improve accuracy.

Auto-logoff Functionality

  • Reduces administration time by allowing workers and visitors to be automatially logged out after a pre-configured amount of time.
  • Maintains a more accurate list of who is on site if some workers don’t log off at the end of their shift. This improves reporting for hours on site and emergency evacuation.
  • Please speak to your Pegasus Account Manager to enable this function.

Mobile Emergency Evacuation by Location

  • Extends and enhances the existing Mobile Emergency Evacuation Functionality.
  • For larger sites, allows our clients to run an emergency evacuation for a specific location within a site.
  • The list of absent workers is filtered by the location they have logged in at.
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