Big numbers recorded on Pegasus Logpoints in 2019

Pegasus site access solutions offer a great insight into just how many workers, companies and sites we keep safe each year.

Workers Onsite 2019

2019 Pegasus Logpoint Insights

Pegasus site access products are recording massive numbers of workers logging in to sites with their access ID cards. Each card is linked to a worker's profile, allowing us to record details like hours on site and number of workers using the Pegasus systems.

In 2019, the numbers looked like this:

  • 6.22 million logins
  • 88,142 workers representing 6,822 companies
  • 70.41 million hours worked on site
  • average shift of 11.31 hours

50% of these logins occurred in our mining division. Construction was our second busiest industry, recording 1.19 million logins - a 300% increase on the previous year’s total of 340,037.

Our manufacturing division has also recorded a significant increase, from 135,924 logins in 2018 to 269,808 in 2019.

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