Broadcasting Important Updates Quickly

Send messages – via SMS and email – direct from the Pegasus Client Portal with the new Broadcasting feature.

Pegasus understands that it is vital for our clients to communicate important updates and information to their workforce – fast. This is particularly crucial during the currently evolving COVID-19 situation to keep workers updated and safe.

The new Broadcasting feature in the Pegasus Client Portal allows you to send SMS and/or emails to select recipients - direct from the system. The next phase of Broadcasting will enable targeted messages from the Client Portal on Pegasus site access solutions.

When enabled, Broadcasting allows for fast and accurate messages to be disseminated by Client Portal users at any time.

Broadcasting 2

There are four types of Broadcast (SMS and email) recipients that users can select:

  • All workers from a certain company (Company Broadcasts)
  • All workers in a selected crew (Crew Broadcasts)
  • All workers associated to a selected site (Site Broadcasts)
  • A selected list of workers (Worker Broadcasts)

What to Broadcast?

Some examples of content you may wish to Broadcast to your workforce:

  • Safety alerts
  • Updates about compliance and site access changes
  • Information about training or inductions
  • Reminders about competency expiries
  • Changes to work allocation

If you would like to share SMS and email updates quickly with your workforce, contact your Pegasus Account Manager to have Broadcasting enabled in your Client Portal.

Click the link to find Client Portal user guides and resources.

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