Heavy vehicle Chain of Responsibility laws have changed.

Changes to Chain of Responsibility law in Australia mean everyone across the supply chain shares an equal responsibility to comply with Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Truck The changes mean that if you have control or responsibility over any transport task – even in receiving goods as part of your business - you are part of the road transport supply chain.

The National Heavy Vehicle Register explains exactly who is part of the Chain of Responsibility for a heavy vehicle:

  • a driver’s employer
  • a prime contractor for the driver – if the vehicle’s driver is self-employed
  • an operator of the vehicle
  • a scheduler for the vehicle
  • a loading manager for any goods in the vehicle
  • a loader and/or unloader of a vehicle
  • a consignor of any goods for transport by the vehicle
  • a consignee of any goods in the vehicle
  • a loader and/or unloader of any goods in the vehicle.

Do you have control over your vehicle supply chain?

Risks the supply chain are exposed to include:

  • driver breaches of fatigue or speed limits
  • driver breaches of mass, dimension, or loading requirements
  • instructions, actions or demands causing or contributing to an offence under the HVN

The Pegasus Workforce Management solution gives you the confidence to manage and reduce your transport supply risk.

How does it work?

Every person in your transport supply chain must reach compliance in the Pegasus solution before they can work for you.

We will collaborate with you to set the standards and requirements to configure your solution.

That means you will determine the exact licences and insurances required of each role in your supply chain.

This is the information they must supply to work for you; the information that may protect your business in the event of a breach.

We will guide each worker in your supply chain to register in your Pegasus system, supplying this standard information for verification by our transport industry specialists.

Access ID cards can be distributed on approval, allowing for quick scanning or logging in and out of site for compliance checks and timesheet reconciling.

What does it give you?

Insight and control over your workforce. You can view and manage the compliance of every transport supply chain worker right from your Pegasus solution.

Ready to start the conversation about reducing your transport supply chain risk?

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