Idemitsu (Muswellbrook Coal) Go Live

Contractors at Muswellbrook Coal will now manage worker compliance in the Idemitsu Contractor Management System.

Idemitsu CMS The new Idemitsu Contractor Management System replaces the Pegasus Safety Inductions Booking Portal for Muswellbrook Coal contractors. Users will find all business and worker details when they login.

New System Features

Features of the new system make it simpler and more user-friendly. They include:

  • a dedicated company, worker and user area where you can view and update your details

  • a more intuitive search functionality to find the worker and role you’re looking for

  • a colour signalling system to view the status of each worker, including competencies and subscriptions

  • a multi-checkout function to checkout multiple registrations and bookings at once

  • a complete role history function, to view all roles a worker holds or is working towards

  • fast system selection and transition times

  • management of all company, user and worker profiles from within the system

For information about the Contractor Management System, visit and bookmark the Idemitsu Contractor Information Site. A link to the system is at the top of the site.

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