Improving system performance with Role Consolidation

Users will notice improved performance in the Pegasus Onsite system when creating roles at their sites and projects.

Roles Role consolidation will improve system performance when creating roles in Onsite. Some of our clients create their own roles, and will soon enjoy a more streamlined and efficient process to do so. With a faster system and fewer touch points, those clients will save several minutes per role they are creating.

An additional benefit of role consolidation is ensuring the role management process is seamless. That means when a worker's profile is awaiting verification, and a role change makes them non-compliant, their application will be efficiently returned. Instant role compliance management will improve communication to the user, advising them exactly what has changed within the role.

Although role consolidation doesn't impact clients who do not create their own roles, they can be assured this improvement is a foundation for future enhancements!

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