Insights: August 2020

The Mining and Retail industries continue to lead the way with more workers added to Pegasus in August.

There was an increase in the number of workers on site for Pegasus clients in August 2020.

August 2020 Insight Hours

Our site logpoint data recorded strong numbers with 48,102 workers swiping their access cards across all industries. While there was an increase in workers on site, they were working for shorter periods of time which produced a lower average shift of 6.96 hours. A total of 4.31 million hours were logged in August compared to 4.55 million in July.

We welcomed 13,187 new workers into the Pegasus system in August. While this was slightly fewer workers than July, we can see that our Retail and Mining clients have continued to maintain high enrolments.

August 2020 Insight Industries

Retail workers added to Pegasus System July 6,180 August 3,423

Mining workers added to Pegasus System July 5,445 August 2,397

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