Insights: December 2019

A review of the data from Pegasus systems for December 2019

Workers Onsite December 2019

Workers and Companies

12,203 new workers became active in our sites in December, with 1,398 new companies reaching compliance, a slight decline on the November number (1,484).

Our logpoints recorded the following totals for the month:

  • 4.07M hours logged on site
  • 40,230 workers representing 3,495 companies logged on at site using a Pegasus Logpoint
  • The average shift recorded for the month was 9.48 hours

Roles Approved

Worker Roles Approved

December figures are always lower from previous months. Although we had fewer workers on site due to public holidays, we did see an increase to the average shift from 9.07 hours to 9.48 hours.

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