Insights: July 2020

A look at the number of workers added to Pegasus in July - and the number of hours logged on site - tells us which industries are forging ahead through COVID-19.

Industry Insights July 2020

If June was a quieter month, then July has seen a surge in new workers added to Pegasus systems to work for our clients, even as COVID-19 impacts the world economy.

It's the Mining and Retail industries leading the way:

Mining workers added to Pegasus system June: 3,978 July: 5,445

Retail workers added to Pegasus system June: 4,293 July: 6,180

Across all industries, 23,482 new workers were added to the Pegasus platform to work on our client sites in July - a big increase from June's total of 18,519.

Logpoint Hours July 2020

As for the time workers are spending on site, Pegasus logpoint data recorded 37,216 workers swiped their access cards for 4.55 million hours on site. The average shift was 7.25 hours.

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