Orica Kooragang Island ensures a safe workforce with Pegasus

A Pegasus client for over 6 years, Orica Kooragang Island has now transitioned to a full workforce management system – underscoring their commitment to health, safety and risk management.

Orica company pre-qual

Located at the entrance to the Hunter Valley, Orica Kooragang Island’s operations supply products to the mining and infrastructure, agriculture, water supply, food, dairy and medical sectors. The facility includes an ammonia plant, three nitric acid plants, two ammonium nitrate plants and a product dispatch facility.

Orica Kooragang Island is classified as a major hazard facility (MHF) because it has more than the threshold quantity of specific hazardous materials. An MHF has to demonstrate to SafeWork NSW how it operates with an acceptable level of risk to people and the environment.

And that’s where Pegasus comes in!

To underscore and strengthen their safety, health and risk management commitments, contractors working for Orica Kooragang Island will now register and maintain their compliance in our online Workforce Management System.

Registering both their business and workers, contractors prove they have the systems, qualifications and insurances to work safely on site through the Pegasus system. Orica can manage its risk, and contractors are approved and verified.

We are proud to offer an upgraded compliance and safety system to our valued client, Orica, and to support its contractors through this new process.

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