Pegasus Chosen As Technology Partner for Disability Skills Passport

Pegasus has developed a digital skills passport, being piloted in Western Australia to support the growing disability sector.

Disability Skills Passport (1)

The pilot will run from February to May 2021 in Western Australia. It will involve specialist disability organisations representing a mix of specialist providers.

The Disability Skills Passport, a collaboration between the WA Department of Communities and the National Disability Services (NDS) in WA, will increase the portability of training qualifications and help fast track employment in the growing disability sector. It will also assist with quality assuring the workforce. The benefit to workers is having a digital and transferrable record of their training and licenses which facilitates them to work for different providers.

With our proven record of providing industry-based solutions for worker competency, NDS approached Pegasus when searching for a technology partner.

“As a tech organisation, to be able to give the industry visibility of skillsets for those who support for some of the most the vulnerable people in the country, is the most value we at Pegasus can provide,” said Pegasus Chief of Sales Jo Dixon.

“On top of giving people with disability and their family members assurance that support is being provided by skilled people, the passport will also give government higher visibility which will enable them to invest more in the right areas as the sector grows.”

“The data gathered will provide accurate information which can help answer the questions: do we have enough skilled workers? Do we have enough training organisations? Are there career pathways available?”

The Disability Skills Passport will provide a single onboarding, streamlined solution across the disability sector. Many workers will at some stage work across different providers and employers. What Pegasus provides in the Skills Passport is one profile that is applicable to industry-set expectations, providing clear and complete transparency on worker competence and safety.

The reassurance to families that people with disability and their supports is provided by a trained worker does not have a dollar value. It also gives the workers an opportunity to work across various providers, keeping the industry mobile and scalable with an easy way to prove competence.

In the initial pilot, the modules included for worker skills are:

  • Awareness of Choking, Aspiration and Dysphagia
  • Medication Support
  • Person-Centred Daily Living Supports
  • Manual Handling
  • Occupational Safety and Health

All modules were developed in conjunction with the disability sector.

“The development and implementation of a Skills Passport for the WA Disability Services workforce is expected to improve the ease of movement for staff within the sector, reduce duplication of training costs borne by providers and expedite the on-boarding process,” said National Disability Services, WA State Manager Julie Waylen.

At the conclusion of the pilot, the Passport will be available to the WA disability sector in July 2021.

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