Pegasus Client Portal Coming Soon

Managing connections for business success

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Pegasus we will soon bring our valued clients a new platform that will revolutionise the way you manage your workforce.

Introducing the Pegasus Client Portal

Using the capabilities of the Pegasus Client Portal, you will have insight into every worker, crew and company - including roles and competencies - and report on them from one intuitive solution.

You’ll be empowered to better manage your operations with the holistic view of every connection in your workforce – who they are, what they can do, and where they’re doing it.

Complete insight

Everything you need to manage your workforce is found right on your dashboard. The Pegasus Client Portal comes to life with the click of a button, as you inspect workers, crews, roles, and competencies, drilling down and reporting to the details you require.

Holistic decision making

With this insight comes the power to make informed and agile business decisions. Scaling your workforce up or down, staffing new projects, setting site standards, or checking on qualifications has never been easier. When you can see it all, you can do more.

Time saving business success

With everything you need to manage your workforce fast to find and easy to view, you’re empowered to focus on what matters - your operations. Do you have the most qualified workers doing the correct jobs? In the Pegasus Client Portal, find the answers you need to plan for business success.

Coming soon

We can’t wait to share the benefits and insights the Pegasus Client Portal will give your business. Please check Pegasus Next regularly as we update you on new features and benefits in coming weeks.

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