Pegasus Head of People and Culture on the NewyTechPeople Podcast

An insightful interview with our Head of People and Culture, Pru Killick by Linda Apostolidis at NewyTechPeople this month. Pru's passion and positivity are valued by all of us at Pegasus. Hear all about our people and plans for the future at Pegasus!

One of the things we’re most proud of at Pegasus is our culture. Good culture comes from the top and is championed by our very own Head of People and Culture Pru Killick.

Pru recently appeared on the NewyTechPeople podcast to talk all things Pegasus with Linda Apostolidis. In their conversation, Pru shares what makes our people and software unique, as well as exciting opportunities available at Pegasus and our plans for the future.

Key Highlights

3:10 Why Pegasus moved away from being a labour hire services company to being a tech company.

4:45 How centralizing information within our software works for our clients.

“The beauty of the system with us is that you can centralise all of that information for the client but also standardize all of those protocols to get to site.”

6:00 How Pegasus is scaling our solution globally.

“It’s enabling us to show the power of the product and how it is able to do this no matter where you are in the world, you’re able to bring these same standard practices into any workforce, anywhere.”

6:43 How our partnership and investment from Acell-KKR began.

9:23 Our acquisition of Compliance Fox and how we will leverage their product offering to target different clients.

11:19 Exploring the workplace culture of Pegasus

13:31 Our partnership with University of Newcastle where the Pegasus tech team and university tech team are collaborating on exciting and pioneering work.

“We’ve been fortunate to connect with the Newcastle University and be able to work on some really significant projects for us around artificial intelligence.”

Our engagement with MEGT offering Cert III ICT traineeships at Pegasus—there are currently five trainees working here.

“We’re unique in that we own and develop our own software. We have everything in-house … all of the components that makes the software cycle, and sales to service cycle.”

16:32 How Pegasus supports the HSC Smart Track Program – an alternative end of the HSC.

20:10 Plans Pegasus has for 2021 to engage our tech team.

21:17 Pru’s advice for students wanting a career in tech: always attitude over aptitude.

24:35 How Pegasus responded to COVID-19 in our internal workforce and how we were able to move to remote working without disruption to our clients.

29:28 Helping Pegasus employees with the challenge of looking after children and remote learning while working with the introduction of PegPal Kids activities. Learn how Pegasus maintained our strong workplace culture remotely.

32:33 Learn more about Pru. What she’s reading, her podcast recommendations, her HR Instagram account—and learn about the politics of canteen duty at children’s netball games.

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