Streamlining Connections and Compliance

My Pegasus Gateway

gateway-01 Pegasus now manages safety and compliance on over 250 client sites. That means endless connections - thousands of companies and over two million workers registered in our client’s contractor management systems.

Including you.

In fact, chances are your business and employees are registered to work for more than one of our clients. That means you manage compliance – update documents, register workers, renew subscriptions - in more than one system.

We always aim to save you time and resources so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Introducing Pegasus Gateway

Pegasus Gateway is your key to connect your business and workforce to our industries and networks. It will allow you to manage all your Pegasus compliance requirements with one username and password.

Here’s how it works.

Connecting clients from one place

Once you’ve been invited to register and have reached compliance in a client’s system, create an account and login to Pegasus Gateway to add their portal tile to your dashboard.

You’ll save time searching your emails or scrolling bookmarks for the correct system - it’s now right there in your Pegasus Gateway dashboard.

Maintaining compliance at the click of a button

Finding the right place to stay compliant and keep working for a client is as simple as clicking a tile from your dashboard.

Need to update insurances in different Pegasus systems? What about registering a new employee at different client sites? From Pegasus Gateway, launching the right system - instantly - is just a click away.

Create your Pegasus Gateway account now!

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