The Pegasus Worker Portal Expands

With a roll out to a dozen more client systems today, the Pegasus Worker Portal empowers everyone to take responsibility for compliance.

worker portal-01

Alongside Workforce Management Systems for contracting companies, Pegasus powers a special portal that allows individual workers to manage their own details and compliance. The Worker Portal is for the employees of registered contracting companies. Once a company is registered with a Pegasus Roles Portal, the company administrator may also elect to invite the worker to the Worker Portal.

This shared responsibility means workers are taking control of their compliance.

In the Worker Portal, they can:

  • edit personal information
  • add work roles
  • update competencies
  • upload any required licences

If the Worker Portal is available in your system, you can invite a worker by following these instructions:

Step 1 > Login to the system Step 2 > Select to Manage Employees Step 3 > Search for and select the worker Step 4 > Choose the Invite Employee option

Administrators can still update employee’s profiles as required in the system at any time. The Worker Portal is simply a way to share responsibility when managing compliance.

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