Thiess Go-Live

The Pegasus Thiess system underscores their objective to keep everyone safe every day.


Health and safety underpins everything Thiess, the world's largest mining provider, does.

Thiess believes safe projects are successful projects. Their objective is to keep everyone safe every day.

To underscore and strengthen this core commitment, contractors working for Thiess must now register in an online Workforce Management System, powered by the Pegasus Mining Solution.

How does the system work?

The Workforce Management process at Thiess is completed in two parts: business registration and worker registration.

First, contractors register their business, answering questions about their work and providing documents like licences and insurances for verification.

Next, contractors register workers, selecting the role each employee performs, and uploading their qualifications. This information is verified, and workers are given an ID access card to work for Thiess.

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