Visy: Workforce Compliance from Major Shut Downs to COVID-19 Challenges

The Visy partnership demonstrates how Pegasus reduces your risk and saves you time, money and effort – while being flexible enough to respond to the unexpected.


About the Client

Visy, a large manufacturer of paper goods, lives and breathes a culture that ensures workers are compliant and hold the right skills and qualifications to do their jobs. With over 5,000 employees, managing this compliance task is a considerable undertaking.

Visy’s largest single facility is in Tumut, a rural town of around 6,000 people set in the lush foothills of Australia’s Snowy Mountains. Each year, this giant pulp and paper mill must undergo a total maintenance shutdown (MSD) to allow for critical upkeep and inspections.

The Visy Tumut MSD is the largest annual maintenance shutdown in Australian industry. In most years, some 1,500 workers from various companies are contracted by Visy to take part in two weeks of round-the-clock work to make sure the giant facility is up to spec. Every single one of these workers must have the right skills, qualifications, insurances, Workcover tickets and licences to enter the site and do their job.

Then, in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly arrived. New regulations relating to safety added another layer of complexity to Visy's workforce management and site access requirements.

Where Pegasus Came In

In 2016, Visy approached Pegasus to help it manage compliance at its Tumut site – not just for the MSDs, but also across the whole year.

The first part of implementing the Pegasus solution was to introduce a system to transfer Visy’s current systems into an online platform that would enable company pre-qualification and manage worker compliance.

Over several iterations and updates, Pegasus delivered an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for contractors new to Visy. Once all the contractor’s employees were uploaded in the system, the solution could then determine if an individual needed to complete any online training or supply documentation to support their qualifications.

The full system - which Visy has come to simply refer to as “Pegasus” - now operates on six Visy sites across three states. It keeps track of all contractor qualifications, licenses and insurances, and sends notifications to the worker and the company they work for when any of this documentation is due for renewal and is updated well before it expires.

The Pegasus development team was up for the COVID-19 challenge, too. In just a week, the team developed and integrated a COVID-19 compliance module into the larger Visy workforce compliance system, including worker hot spot origin mapping and health declarations via QR code as workers arrived at the site for each day.

Overall, the solution has enabled Visy to manage its contractor compliance task through the most trying time of the year and, in 2020, do it under unusually trying circumstances.

Learn how Pegasus helped Visy keep a large workforce on the right side of the rules.

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