What the Opal Tower building teaches us about accreditation and safety.

Reforms are needed to return confidence to the construction industry. Pegasus has the solution.

iStock 000004233485 Large The failure of the Opal Tower building in Sydney – which saw 392 apartments evacuated on Christmas Eve when residents heard loud cracks – has highlighted the need for better insight into the qualifications and licences held by every worker across the construction industry.

As the Association of Accredited Certifiers calls for improved accountability, and the NSW government promises to crack down on dodgy builders, Pegasus CEO Adam Boyle said it’s time for a standard safety construction solution.

“Just as with the rail industry, which saw Pegasus develop and support the national Rail Industry Worker program, we believe a robust solution is required to manage compliance in the construction industry.”

Major Pegasus clients, including Lendlease, Downer, and John Holland, are leading the way with their online safety solutions, requiring the workforce to reach compliance though Pegasus by:

  • providing licences and insurances to work in specific project roles

  • completing online and site safety inductions

  • only gaining site access on verification with an access ID card

  • logging in and out of project sites to manage fatigue and emergency evacuations

The Pegasus construction solution meets these AAC recommendations to improve safety and accountability in the industry:

All professionals involved in the design, installation and approvals process must be accredited and insured.

All key personnel in the process who are not accredited must be licensed and be required to prove their competency at regular intervals.

Comprehensive auditing of all accredited or licensed persons.

“When our clients in the construction industry require compliance to set standards, they are ensuring workforce safety and the quality of the finished product,” said Boyle.

“Maintaining compliance is just as important as reaching it, and Pegasus supports that important need.”

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