Workforce Management Symptom Checker

If you're suffering from any symptoms on this checklist, it may be time to incorporate a software solution into your workforce management strategy.

Workforce symptons

Common signs of underperforming workforce management strategies:

  • Excessive administration time spent on manual data processing
  • High overtime costs due to untraceable workers hours
  • Extremely limited reporting capabilities
  • Low visibility of who is on site
  • Reporting data is siloed and not easily crosschecked

Does this sound famililar?

Symptoms such as these are not uncommon, especially when managing your contractors.

With Pegasus workforce management solutions, you will enjoy significant and invaluable improvements such as:

  • Reduce administration burden by up to 80%
  • Eliminate unnecessary labour costs with complete visibility of hours worked
  • Create agile, custom reports based on real time data
  • Reduce risk by knowing exactly who is on site and what they are qualified to do
  • Consolidate your spreadsheets and data reports into one single source of truth

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